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Itching to Get Rid Of Bugs In Your R.V.?

Itching to Get Rid Of Bugs In Your R.V.?

Have you ever stayed awake all night because of that one mosquito buzzing around your R.V.?

I am sure you remember that one skeeter determined to drive you nuts. And you swore to yourself that little slide on your screen door would never be left open again. Now, I bet that if there were a product that could keep those little buggers away, you’d be itchin’ to buy it.

There is!

Sitting outdoors, specially in the summer …you expect those annoying, unwelcome guests to swoop in and ruin the fun. Come on, now, I don’t mean your in-laws! I’m talking about those pesky mosquitoes, buzzing around and bugging everyone in sight. We’ve all been there, right? But when those tiny blood suckers invade your camper, it’s WAR ON!

The # 1 culprit to chasing bugs around your R.V. is leaving that screen slider door open, even for a short period of time. You know better, yet you are in a hurry and don’t close it all the way. The kids, forget it, seems they do on purpose to leave it open. If you are like me, you find yourself saying close the screen door…a hundred times a day. Our R.V. Bug Stop will keep your R.V. bug free and insure that sliding door is always closed properly. Watch our 1 minute video. Best part, it takes less time than that to install our R.V. Bug Stop onto your R.V. door.

No more yelling at someone for leaving the slider open.

The self closing design on the R.V. Bug Stop keeps the slider on the R.V.’s screen door closed. Installation is simple and requires no tools. Just pull off film on the tape and attach to the horizontal rail under the slider. With no bugs coming in, you can sit back and relax thanks to the R.V. Bug Stop.