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R.V Bug Stop is a family owned business located in St. George, Utah. We have been camping in our R.V.s for years and there has always been a consistent problem. Yes, you’ve guessed it; insects. Flies, mosquitoes and all other flying insects getting in through the small slider on the screen door that is not closed properly is a constant battle. Hence, we’ve come up with the R.V. Bug stop. It is our solution to solving the problem. We hope you enjoy your R.V. Bug Stop as much as we do.

The self-closing design on the R.V. Bug Stop keeps the slider on the R.V.’s screen slider door closed. Installation is simple and you will not need any tools. You just remove the film from the tape and attach to the horizontal rail under the slider. With no bugs coming into your R.V., you can sit back and enjoy the great outdoors.

The R.V. Bug Stop automatically closes the plastic slide on your R.V. screen door. The self closing design of the R.V. Bug Stop allows the slide to be easily slid open as usual when needed, and automatically closes the slide when you let it go. No more forgetting to close it, or worrying about family members and friends leaving it open when coming and going out of your R.V. or Camp Trailer! This model fits standard 10-3/4 inch to 13 inch long slides only. These are the most common length slides on 90% of R.V.’s

  • Keeps the plastic slide on the screen door closed
  • Made from Anodized Aluminum
  • Protects RV and Trailers from Bugs
  • Installation requires no tools