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Spring-loaded RV Bug Stop keeps the slider panel closed yet allows you easy access to open the door. Installs in minutes without tools—just peel and stick to the horizontal rail under the slider panel. Made of anodized aluminum. Fits standard 10 ¾”L to 13”L slider panels found on 90% of RVs.

Our Clients Words


Great product. No tools needed, I installed it in fewer than two minutes. We love the idea and look forward to throwing our RV fly-swatter away.


We just purchased the Bug Stop at an RV show. Works as advertised and quick and easy install.


Great product, fast shipping, worked as described. Installed it on my camp trailer and it really is convenient to have it close while you have your arms full. Makes for a much easier bug free weekend.

Matthew D'Ercole

My wife and I love this sliding screen for our Travel Trailer. It has made opening our larger screen door so much easier especially when carrying something. My buddies who have the larger RVs wants one as well. When can they expect to be able to get one?

Kris Neal

We bought one bug stop at a show and like it so well we bought the 2nd for our bedroom door. We travel with our cat and she gets out if the plastic slider on the screen door isn't closed tight. This solved the problem of keeping Birdie in and the flies out.

Ronald Winter

Best rv door accessory ever!

Tom Jennings

We just finished a trip in our motor home with the new 'RV Bug Stop'. What a huge difference! Always had to spray the inside to get rid of the flies and mosquitos but the self-closing door has kept them out of the rig! We used to think that when we shut the screen door, the slide panel would close with it - rarely did. Now we don't even have to think about it!
Genius! Love it!