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The RV BugStop

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Stop bugs from entering your RV through the screen door slider panel.

Spring-loaded RV Bug Stop keeps the slider panel closed yet allows you easy access to open the door. Installs in minutes without tools—just peel and stick to the horizontal rail under the slider panel. Made of anodized aluminum. Fits standard 10 ¾”L to 13”L slider panels found on 90% of RVs.

The R.V. Bug Stop

Self-Closes Slider Door

The RV Bug Stop self-closes the slider on your RV screen door. It’s easy as 1-2-3 to install. NO TOOLS REQUIRED

Keeps Bugs Out

The RV Bug Stop keeps insects from entering your camper. No more leaving that slider open by mistake.  FREE SHIPPING

Keeps Pets In

The RV Bug Stop keeps your furry friends in! No more searching for your lost pet because that slider was left open. NOW ON SALE

Takes away so much stress of yelling at the kids to close the window on the door , and now my wife doesn’t yell at me when I forget LOL

By JpIllardo on Jul 08, 2019

Amazon Customer

Should be standard equipment! Like a lot of missing details on campers, the screen door could have been better designed. This solves one of the issues beautifully. It appears to be very well made and operates smoothly and with a perfect amount of resistance, and virtually disappears. A better solution would be a way device a system to skip the sliding panel altogether. Until that day happens, this is highly recommended.

By David Andora on May 16, 2019

Amazon Customer

What Our Clients Say:

  • GaryEasy Install

    We just purchased the Bug Stop at an RV show. Works as advertised and quick and easy install.

  • AshesPerfect, Helpful product for campers!

    Great product, fast shipping, worked as described. Installed it on my camp trailer and it really is convenient to have it close while you have your arms full. Makes for a much easier bug free weekend.

  • Matthew D’ErcoleMakes getting in & out of Travel Trailer Easier!

    My wife and I love this sliding screen for our Travel Trailer. It has made opening our larger screen door so much easier especially when carrying something. My buddies who have the larger RVs wants one as well. When can they expect to be able to get one?

  • Kris NealKeeps Pets In

    We bought one bug stop at a show and like it so well we bought the 2nd for our bedroom door. We travel with our cat and she gets out if the plastic slider on the screen door isn't closed tight. This solved the problem of keeping Birdie in and the flies out

  • Ronald Winter5 Stars

    Best rv door accessory ever!

  • Tom JenningsLove It!

    We just finished a trip in our motor home with the new 'RV Bug Stop'. What a huge difference! Always had to spray the inside to get rid of the flies and mosquitos but the self-closing door has kept them out of the rig! We used to think that when we shut the screen door, the slide panel would close with it - rarely did. Now we don't even have to think about it!
    Genius! Love it!

  • J.Keeps My Furry Kids Inside

    Absolutely love this item! Spent hours looking for a way to keep my RV door slide automatically closed so the kitty stays in. Never found an easy solution, so I thought I'd have to configure something. I ended up stumbling upon this while looking for something else entirely and immediately purchased it. Works exactly as described. Easy to install. I do hope the adhesive stands up to summer heat, only time will tell. Very happy with the product!

    If the company themselves reads this, don't forget to market towards pets as well! I bought this as a safety measure to ensure the furry children stay inside. Keeping the bugs out is merely a bonus.

  • WallyGreat Product

    Great product. No tools needed, I installed it in fewer than two minutes. We love the idea and look forward to throwing our RV fly-swatter away.

  • Jeff CornWorks Prefectly!

    This product works exactly as advertised.. Installed in a minute and the the spring loaded mechanism keeps the slide door shut at all times. I would say that 9 out of 10 Times our screen door slider was left open, but not anymore. It is an awesome add on for any RVer.

  • Danny AndersonNo Tools Required

    I installed this on my Weekend Warrior and it works great! Took less than 5 minutes to install. It’s so simple, I wish I would have thought of this.

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Get your R.V. Bug Stop and enjoy your Bug Free R.V. No more screaming at your kids or spouse to shut that slider door. Time to sit back and enjoy the great outdoors without bringing the outdoors inside your camper. Get Your R.V. Bug Stop right here.