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How to Keep your RV Bug Free

How to Keep your RV Bug Free

Camping in an RV is an experience that brings you closer to nature and lets you get a breath of fresh air. As we all know though, with nature comes bugs. RV Bug stop was created to solve this problem and keep your RV bug free while you enjoy the serene beauty of the great outdoors. 

First off, what are the basics of keeping bugs out of your RV? Most campers have come across the most effective ways to keep bugs away: keep your doors and windows closed, take out your trash, keep your lights off at night, use insect repellent around the RV, etc. But what happens when you do all of these things and you still find you have a bug problem? It leads to the question, why is it that bugs get into an RV even though the doors and windows are designed to have screens on them? There are a variety of ways that bugs can get into your RV but the most likely culprit will be right through the front door. RV doors are produced with a screen door that has a small opening in it known as the slider panel. This slider panel is essentially a window for bugs to come and go as they please. 

While bugs can enter through screens in the windows that have tears in them, they are far more likely to be welcomed in through the slider panel of the front door.  It’s main purpose is to allow the push-down knob opener to be used while keeping the screen door secure, however, many of us forget to close it all the way, pass things through it and leave it open, sometimes open it too far and it gets stuck, or it becomes a fun toy for children to open and close taking away the effectiveness of the screen door as a whole. 

It comes down to having an efficient product that you don’t have to think about to stop the slider panel from becoming a bug's entry point. With the use of RV Bug Stop this problem is quickly remedied. RV Bug Stop automatically closes the slider panel so you don’t have to worry about bugs slipping in if you forgot to close it yourself.  All you have to do is easily install the RV Bug Stop rail and you’re ready to go. No tools required. It connects on the bottom of the slider panel to allow the panel to be opened and automatically closes it by bringing the slider back to its original position, similar to a spring. 

Why choose RV Bug Stop? RV Bug Stop is a simple solution to a very inconvenient problem. You don’t need fancy, expensive equipment to give you a bug free RV. It’s simple, well-made, effective and highly recommended.  As a family owned business RV Bug Stop knows that quality and function are essential when it comes to making products for your RV.