Frequently Asked Questions


Does the R.V. Bug Stop work on all sliders?

We designed the R.V. Bug Stop to fit all standard 12″ wide sliders.  The R.V. Bug Stop may not work if your slider does not easily slide back and forth.


What should I do if my slider does not slide smoothly?

Please consult with your local R.V. dealer before purchasing a R.V. Bug Stop.


What tools do I need to install the R.V. Bug Stop?

Tools are not required for installation. Please watch our installation video found here

Can the R.V. Bug Stop be removed?

Yes, the R.V. Bug Stop can be removed with a blade and rubbing alcohol. If you choose to remove your R.V. Bug Stop, you can reinstall it by purchasing double sided tape at your local hardware store.

What if I install the R.V. Bug Stop incorrectly?

You should watch our installation video to insure correct installation. If you installed your R.V. Bug Stop incorrectly, replace the double sided tape (purchased at your local hardware store) and reinstall.


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